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The True Love of God | "God's Essence Truly Exists " | 2019 Christian Worship Song 4:06
2019 Christian Song "God Treats Man as His Dearest One" 2:40
2019 Christian Devotional Song "How Does One Enter Into the True Prayer" (Lyrics) 4:07
2019 Praise and Worship Song "God’s Humbleness Is So Lovable" | God Is Love 3:31
2019 Gospel Worship Song | "How to Search for God's Footprints" (Lyrics) 4:06
2019 Gospel Worship Song "God Quietly Arrives Among Us" | The Judgement Day Has Come 3:55
2019 Praise and Worship Song "The Whole Earth Shall Rejoice and Praise God" (Lyrics) | God Is Great 3:55
2019 Song About Honesty | "God Blesses Those Who Are Honest" (Lyrics) 4:34
2019 Inspirational Christian Song "Those Who God Will Save Are Foremost in His Heart" | The Love of God Is Good 5:16
2019 Gospel Song "No One Is Aware of God's Arrival" | The Lord Jesus Has Returned to the World 4:01
2019 Gospel Song "Pay Attention to the Fate of Mankind" | The Salvation of God in the Last Days 3:20
2019 English Christian Song "God Silently Provides for Everyone" | The Grace of God Is Great 5:16
2019 Praise and Worship song | "All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God" 5:46
2019 Gospel Song "Are You Aware of Your Mission?" 4:58
Christian Song "God's Will for Mankind Will Never Change" | The Love of God Is Unchanging 4:27
A Hymn of God's Word "All Things Exist Under the Authority of the Creator" 5:10
Praise and Worship Song | "Come to Zion With Praising" | Praise the Return of Lord Jesus 8:07
Christian Song "God's Hopes for Mankind Have Not Changed" | God Wants to Gain a Group of Overcomers 4:12