"The Call of Our Beloved" | English Christian Song With Lyrics

November 23, 2019

Verse 1

Who keeps uttering His voice, speaking to mankind?

Who is always watching, staying by man’s side?

It’s our beloved, Almighty God!

He’s heard the helpless cries from the depths of our hearts.

He can’t bear to see our struggles under Satan.

He’s come to express truth in the last days to save man.

Bridge 1

He’s calling us home, yearns for our change of heart.

He brings life’s living water, His words nourish our hearts.

He soothes our inner wounds, guides us to the right path.

We fall before Him and pour out our hearts.

Our tears of thanks spill out, covering our clothes.

We cry out in thanks to Almighty God.

Chorus 1

Oh, our beloved! Our beloved!

We think of You day and night.

Oh, our beloved! Our beloved!

Thank You for Your salvation,

so we can live before You in joy.

Our beloved!

Verse 2

Who has expressed words of life for us to enjoy?

Who has brought the treasures of Canaan to us?

It’s our beloved, Almighty God.

He has brought us into the land of milk and honey.

Our life grows as we read, read God’s words each day.

We worship with pure heart, live before Him with joy.

Bridge 2

Listen to God’s words, so gentle and kind.

We deeply feel His loveliness, can’t bear to be apart.

God’s words of judgment and revelation,

like a sword, expose our satanic nature.

It may be painful, but corruption is cleansed.

We become new through judgment and chastisement.

Chorus 2

Oh, our beloved! Our beloved!

We love Your righteousness.

Oh, our beloved! Our beloved!

Our hearts are so full of reverence,

and we are so in love with You.

Oh, our beloved! Our beloved!

Your love is beautiful.

Oh, our beloved! Our beloved!

Your essence is holy and perfect.

May we love You to eternity.

Our beloved!

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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