English Christian Song | "Christ in Essence Submits to the Heavenly Father's Will"

May 19, 2024


The essence of Christ is the Spirit,

that is, the divinity.

So Christ's essence is that of God Himself;

this essence will not disrupt His own work.

He couldn't possibly do anything that destroys His own work.

He couldn't ever utter any words that go against His own will.

The incarnate God would never do work

that disrupts His own management.

God has no elements of rebelliousness;

the essence of God is good.

He is the expression of all beauty and goodness,

as well as all love.

Even in the flesh, God doesn't do anything

that rebels against God the Father.

Even at the expense of sacrificing His life,

He'd be wholeheartedly willing to do so,

and He would make no other choice.


God possesses no elements

of self-righteousness or self-importance,

or those of conceit and arrogance;

He has no elements of crookedness.

No matter how arduous the work,

no matter how weak the flesh,

God in the flesh will never do anything

that disrupts the work of God Himself.

He won't forsake the will of God the Father in rebelliousness.

He'd rather suffer pains of the flesh

than go against the will of God the Father.

People make their own choices, but Christ doesn't.

Though He has the identity of God Himself,

He still seeks the will of God the Father,

and fulfills what's entrusted to Him by God the Father,

from the perspective of the flesh.

This is something that man can't attain to.


All men apart from Christ

may do that which resists God.

No one can directly undertake the work entrusted by God;

no one can regard God's management

as their own duty to perform.

The essence of Christ is submission to the will of God the Father;

rebelliousness against God is the characteristic of Satan.

These two qualities are incompatible.

Any who has Satan's qualities can't be called Christ.

Man cannot do God's work in His stead

because man doesn't have God's essence.

Man works for God for man's own interests, future prospects,

but Christ works to follow God the Father's will.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Essence of Christ Is Obedience to the Will of the Heavenly Father

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