English Christian Song | "God's Earnest Intentions Behind His Work to Save Man"

July 8, 2024


During this stage of work in the last days,

man has seen the love of God and God's judgment and chastisement,

God's judgment and chastisement.

During this period of time,

God provides for, supports, enlightens and guides man,

so that man gradually comes to know His intentions,

to know the truth He bestows on man.

God doesn't take a single approach of always chastening and disciplining man,

nor does He always show tolerance and patience.

Rather He provides for everyone in different ways at their different stages

and according to their different statures and caliber.

He does many things for man and does many things at great cost;

man cannot feel anything of the cost,

man cannot feel anything of the cost.


God's love is practical:

Through the grace of God, man avoids one disaster after another,

and God shows tolerance time and again for man's weaknesses.

The judgment and chastisement of God

allow people to gradually come to know

mankind's corruption and satanic essence.

That which God provides, His enlightenment of man and His guidance

all allow mankind to know more and more the essence of truth,

and to increasingly know what people need,

what road they should take, what they live for, what they live for,

and the value of their lives, the meaning of their lives,

and how to walk the road ahead, how to walk the road ahead.


These methods that God uses, God uses to work on man

are a continual effort to awaken man's heart, to awaken man's spirit,

to enable man to understand from where they came,

who is guiding, supporting and providing for them,

and who has allowed man to live until the present day,

who has allowed man to live until the present day;

they are a means to enable man to understand who is the Creator,

whom they should worship, what kind of road they should walk,

and in what way man should come before God;

they are a means to gradually revive the heart of man,

so that man knows God's heart, understands God's heart,

and comprehends the great care and thought behind His work to save man.


When man's heart is revived,

man no longer wishes to live with a degenerate, corrupt disposition,

but wishes instead to pursue the truth in order to satisfy God.

When man's heart has been awakened,

man can tear themselves fully away from Satan.

They'll no longer be harmed by Satan,

and they'll no longer be controlled or fooled by Satan.

Instead, man can proactively cooperate in God's work and His words

to satisfy the heart of God,

thus attaining fear of God and shunning evil.

This is the original purpose of God's work.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique VI

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