"God's Humbleness Is So Lovable" | Praise Song

April 2, 2020

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God has humbled Himself to a certain level,

to do His work in these filthy and corrupt people,

and to perfect this group of people.

God not only became flesh to live and eat among people,

to shepherd people, to provide what people need.

More important is that He does His huge work of salvation and conquest

upon these unbearably corrupt people.

He came to the heart of the great red dragon to save these most corrupt of people,

so that all people may be changed and made new.

The immense hardship that God endures is not only the hardship that the God incarnate endures,

but mainly it is that God’s Spirit suffers extreme humiliation—

He humbles and hides Himself so much that He becomes an ordinary person.

God was incarnated and took the form of flesh

so that people see that He has a normal human life,

and that He has the normal human needs.

This is enough to prove that God has humbled Himself to a certain level.

The Spirit of God is realized in the flesh.

His Spirit is so high and great,

yet He takes the form of a common human, of a negligible human

to do the work of His Spirit.

The caliber, insight,

sense, humanity, and lives of each of you

show that you are really unworthy to accept God’s work of this kind.

You are really unworthy to let God endure such hardship for your sake.

God is so great. God is so great.

He is so supreme, and people are so mean and lowly,

yet He still works upon them.

He not only was incarnated to provide for people, to speak to people,

He even lives together with people.

God is so humble, so lovable.

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