Gospel Testimony Video | "God's Name Is Truly Mysterious" (English Dubbed)

September 8, 2020

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The main character was born into a family of Christians, and he's heard his family say since he was a little boy that only praying in the name of the Lord Jesus can get him into the kingdom of heaven. After graduating from divinity school, he starts shepherding local believers. But later on, the church becomes more and more desolate, and no matter how much he prays, reads the Scripture, and fasts, he still can't sense the Holy Spirit's work. He falls into spiritual darkness and pain. Confused, he wonders why he's been praying in the Lord's name but doesn't feel the Lord's presence anymore. By chance one day, he comes upon a movie called God's Name Has Changed?! on YouTube. His confusions are resolved by watching it—he understands the mysteries of God's names, welcomes the Lord's return, and attends the feast of the Lamb!

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