Christian Stage Play "A Wise Choice" | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed)

November 14, 2021

Li Mingzhi is a cadre for the local township government. After accepting Almighty God, reading God's words and understanding some truths, he starts to reflect on his work within the Communist Party all these years. He has followed the Communist Party in doing evil, taking a path of depravity and destruction. He realizes that if he doesn't turn back, he is certain to descend into hell and be punished. By praying to God and seeking the truth, he bolsters his faith and resolves to quit his job and give everything he has to expending himself for God. He then tells his wife, Qian Li, who turns out to be resolutely opposed to his decision to resign. She gets his siblings to come berate him, to push him into giving up his faith and continuing on his career path with the Communist Party. Besieged by his loved ones, Li Mingzhi enters into a heated debate with them. What choice does he make in the end? Let's find out in A Wise Choice.

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