Christian Testimony Video Based on a True Story | "After I Was Arrested"

October 11, 2021

The protagonist is arrested and then tortured in interrogations by Chinese Communist Party police because of her faith. She's subjected to horrible living conditions in a detention house, leaving her bedridden with illness on multiple occasions, and with deteriorating eyesight. She is later given a four-year prison sentence where she is forced to perform hard manual labor, causing her to faint multiple times. After being released, she learns that while she was imprisoned, her husband was sentenced to three and a half years, and her two children have been subjected to the mockery and discrimination of teachers, classmates, and neighbors. The Communist Party later makes a video smearing her and her husband for their arrests, spreading lies that they abandoned their family. Through all of this suffering and these trials, it is God's words that give her faith and strength, and provide her with discernment over the Chinese Communist Party's essence as God-hating, God-resisting demons. She becomes even more resolute in her faith and will to follow God.

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