Gospel Testimony | "I've Basked in the Living Waters of Life"

September 8, 2020

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Jie Jing was born into a family of Christians—her family's faith in the Lord goes back three generations—and she consistently serves the Lord in the church after she grows up. But gradually, she discovers that the church is becoming more and more desolate and the clergy only ever preach on the same old things. On top of that, their behavior goes against the Lord's will at every turn. She can't gain any sustenance for her life and her spirit grows increasingly parched and dark. In her pain, she often calls out to the Lord, longing for Him to return soon. Then one day as she's searching online for information about the Lord's coming, she comes across a video of a reading of Almighty God's words. These words rock her soul—she feels they are full of power and authority, and they seem to be the voice of God. She begins to seek and look into Almighty God's work. By reading the words of Almighty God, her parched spirit is watered and nourished, and she comes to understand the root of the religious world's desolation. She's very grateful to God for guiding her to keep up with the footsteps of the Lamb.

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