Full Christian Movie | "The City Will Be Overthrown" | Babylon the Great Is Falling in the Last Days

August 19, 2017

Christian Cheng Huize is a coworker in a house church in China. She sees her church opening up a factory and the pastor encouraging believers to join the Three-Self Church to give up to the CCP government. The church's pastor and elder engage in overt and covert struggles for their personal status and name, struggle in jealousy, and divide the church. They also join forces with the CCP government to resist Eastern Lightning and prevent believers from looking into it. They also proactively report to the police to have brothers and sisters preaching the gospel of the kingdom arrested. Cheng Huize feels deeply distressed; she realizes that the church has already lost the work of the Holy Spirit and has degenerated into a religious place like Babylon the Great, cursed and reviled by the Lord. She then determines to look into Eastern Lightning and seek God's work and appearance…. Will she be able to escape from the religious Babylon on the verge of toppling?

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