English Christian Song | "Man Can Only Come to Love God by Knowing God"

May 23, 2024


Knowing God is the final effect to be achieved

at the conclusion of God's work;

it is the last requirement God makes of mankind.

The reason why He does this is for the sake of His final testimony;

He does this work in order that

man may finally and completely turn to Him.

Man can only come to love God by knowing God,

and to love God he must know God.

No matter how he seeks, or what he seeks to gain,

he must be able to achieve knowledge of God.

Only in this way can man satisfy God's heart.

Only by knowing God can man have true faith in God;

only by knowing God can he truly fear and submit to God.

Those who do not know God will never arrive at true submission to

and fear of God, and fear of God.


Knowing God includes knowing His disposition,

understanding His will, and knowing what He is.

Yet whichever aspect one comes to know,

each one requires man to pay a price and requires the will to submit.

Otherwise, no one could follow to the end.

The work of God is too incompatible with the notions of man.

God's disposition and what God is are too difficult for man to know,

and everything that God says and does is too incomprehensible for man:

If man wishes to follow God and yet is unwilling to submit to Him,

then man will gain nothing.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Those Who Know God Can Bear Testimony to God

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