Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 540

October 3, 2020

People’s pursuit of entry into life is based upon the words of God. Previously, it was said that everything is accomplished because of His words, but no one saw this fact. If you enter into experiencing the current step, all will be clear to you, and you will be building a good foundation for future trials. Whatever God says, focus only on entry into His words. When God says He will begin to chastise people, accept His chastisement. When God asks people to die, accept that trial. If you are always living within His newest utterances, God’s words will perfect you in the end. The more you enter into God’s words, the more quickly you will be perfected. Why, in fellowship after fellowship, do I ask you to know and enter into God’s words? Only when you pursue and experience in God’s words, and enter into the reality of His words, does the Holy Spirit have the opportunity to work in you. Therefore, you are all participants in every method by which God works, and whatever the degree of your suffering, in the end you will all receive a “souvenir.” In order to attain your final perfection, you must enter into all of God’s words. The Holy Spirit’s perfection of people is not unilateral; He requires people’s cooperation, He needs everyone to consciously cooperate with Him. Whatever God says, focus only on entry into His words—this will be more beneficial to your life. Everything is for the sake of achieving a change in your disposition. When you enter into God’s words, your heart will be moved by Him, and you will be capable of knowing everything that God wishes to achieve in this step of His work, and you will have the resolution to achieve it. During the time of chastisement, there were those who believed that this was a method of work, and did not believe in God’s words. As a result, they did not undergo refinement, and emerged from the time of chastisement without gaining or understanding anything. There were some who truly entered into these words without a shred of doubt, who said that the words of God are the infallible truth and that humanity should be chastised. They struggled therein for a period of time, letting go of their future and their destiny, and when they emerged, their dispositions had undergone some change, and they had gained a deeper understanding of God. Those who emerged from chastisement all felt the loveliness of God and realized that this step of work embodied God’s great love descending into them, that it was the conquest and salvation of God’s love. They also said that God’s thoughts are always good, and that everything God does in man comes from love, not hate. Those who did not believe in God’s words, who did not look to His words, did not undergo refinement during the time of chastisement, and as a result, the Holy Spirit was not with them, and they gained nothing. For those who entered the time of chastisement, although they did undergo refinement, the Holy Spirit was working hidden inside them, and their life disposition was changed as a result. Some seemed, to all outward appearances, very positive, filled with good cheer all day, but they did not enter into the state of the refinement of God’s words and so did not change at all, which was the consequence of not believing in God’s words. If you do not believe in God’s words, then the Holy Spirit will not work in you. God appears to all those who believe in His words, and those who believe in and accept His words will be able to gain His love!

Enter into the state referred to in God’s words, focus on positive entry, and find what should be put into practice—only thus will there be a change in your disposition, only through this path can you be perfected by God, and only people who have been perfected by God in this way can be in line with His will. To receive new light, you must live within His words. Being moved by the Holy Spirit but a single time will not do at all—you must go deeper. For those who have been moved but once, their inner zeal is aroused, and they wish to seek, but this cannot last long; they must be constantly moved by the Holy Spirit. Many times in the past, I have mentioned My hope that God’s Spirit may move people’s spirits, so that they may pursue changes in their life disposition, and while seeking to be moved by God, that they may understand their own inadequacies, and in the process of experiencing His words may cast off the impurities in themselves (self-righteousness, arrogance, notions, and so on). Do not think that merely being proactive in receiving new light will do—you must also cast off all that is negative. On the one hand, you need to enter from a positive aspect, and on the other hand, you need to rid yourself of all that is impure from a negative aspect. You must constantly examine yourself to see which impurities still exist within you. Humanity’s religious notions, intentions, hopes, self-righteousness, and arrogance are all unclean things. Look within yourself, and place everything side by side with all of God’s words of revelation, to see which religious notions you have. Only when you truly recognize them can you cast them off. Some people say: “It is enough now simply to follow the light of the present work of the Holy Spirit. There’s no need to bother with anything else.” But then, when your religious notions arise, how will you get rid of them? Do you think following God’s words today is a simple thing to do? If you are someone of religion, disruptions can arise from your religious notions and the traditional theological theories in your heart, and when these things arise, it interferes with your acceptance of new things. These are all real problems. If you only pursue the current words of the Holy Spirit, you cannot fulfill God’s will. At the same time as you pursue the present light of the Holy Spirit, you should recognize which notions and intentions you harbor, and what human self-righteousness you have, and which behaviors are disobedient to God. And after you have recognized all of these things, you must cast them off. Having you forsake your previous actions and behaviors is all for the sake of allowing you to follow the words that the Holy Spirit speaks today. A change in disposition, on the one hand, is achieved through God’s words, and on the other hand, it requires cooperation on the part of humanity. There is God’s work and then there is human practice, and both are indispensable.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. People Whose Dispositions Have Changed Are Those Who Have Entered Into the Reality of God’s Words

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