Daily Words of God: Exposing Mankind's Corruption | Excerpt 329

August 19, 2020

Before, when God was in heaven, man tried to fool God in his actions; today, God has come among man—for how long no one knows—yet still man goes through the motions for God, and tries to fool God. Is man not extremely backward in his thinking? It was the same with Judas: Before Jesus came, Judas would tell lies to his brothers and sisters, and after Jesus came still he did not change; he had not the slightest knowledge of Jesus, and in the end he betrayed Jesus. Was it not because he did not know God? If, today, you still do not know God, then you will become Judas, and the tragedy of Jesus’ crucifixion during the Age of Grace, thousands of years ago, will be played out again. Do you not believe this? It is a fact! Today, most people exist in such circumstances—I may be saying this a little early—and such people play the role of Judas. I am not speaking blithely, but according to fact—and you must believe. Although many people pretend to be humble, in their hearts is nothing but stagnant, stinking water. Now, too many in the church are like this. You think I do not know anything; today, My Spirit guides Me, and bears testimony to Me. Do you think I know nothing? Do you think I understand nothing of the devious thoughts within your hearts and the things kept within your hearts? Is God so easily deceived? Do you think you can treat Him however you wish? In the past, I worried that you were enshackled, and so kept on giving you free rein, but no one realized that I was being good to them. I gave them an inch and they took a mile. Ask each other: I’ve dealt with almost no one, and have not been quick to reprimand anyone—yet I am very clear about the motivations and conceptions of man. Do you think the God Himself to whom God bears testimony is a fool? If so, then I say you are too blind. I won’t censure you, and let’s see how depraved you become. Let’s see whether your tricks can save you, or whether trying your best to love God can save you. Today, I will not condemn you; let’s wait until the time of God to see how He takes retribution upon you. I have no time for idle chit chat with you now, and am unwilling to delay My greater work for your sake, a maggot such as you is not fit for God to take up His time in dealing with you—so let’s see how much you can indulge yourself. Such people do not pursue the slightest knowledge of God, and they do not have any love for God, yet still they wish to be called righteous by God—is this not a joke? Because there is actually a small number of people who are honest, I concern Myself with providing nothing but life to man. I will only complete that which should be done today, and later, retribution shall be brought upon each according to their behavior. I have said what I am supposed to say, for this is the work that I do. I do that which I should do, and do not do that which I should not, yet still I hope that you spend more time in reflection: Exactly how much of your knowledge of God is true? Are you one of those who have once more nailed God to the cross? Finally, I say this: Woe to those who crucify God.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Wicked Will Surely Be Punished

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