Daily Words of God: Exposing Mankind's Corruption | Excerpt 342

August 21, 2020

I have been among you, associating with you for several springs and falls; I have lived among you for a long time, and have lived with you. How much of your despicable behavior has slipped away right in front of My eyes? Those heartfelt words of yours are constantly echoing in My ears; millions and millions of your aspirations have been laid upon My altar—too many even to be counted. However, as for your dedication and what you expend, you give not even one iota. You do not place even a tiny drop of sincerity upon My altar. Where are the fruits of your belief in Me? You have received endless grace from Me, and you have seen endless mysteries from heaven; I have even shown you the flames of heaven, but I have not had the heart to burn you. Nevertheless, how much have you given Me in return? How much are you willing to give to Me? With the food I have given to you in hand, you turn around and offer it to Me, even going so far as to say that it was something you got in return for the sweat of your own hard work and that you are offering Me all that you own. How can you not know that your “contributions” to Me are all just things that have been stolen from My altar? Moreover, now you are offering them to Me, are you not cheating Me? How can you not know that what I enjoy today are all the offerings upon My altar, and not what you have earned from your hard work and then offered up to Me? You actually dare to cheat Me this way, so how can I pardon you? How can you expect Me to endure this any longer? I have given everything to you. I have opened everything up to you, provided for your needs, and opened your eyes, yet you cheat Me like this, ignoring your consciences. I have selflessly bestowed everything upon you so that even though you suffer, you still have gained from Me everything that I have brought from heaven. In spite of this, you have no dedication at all, and even if you have made a tiny contribution, you try to “settle accounts” with Me afterward. Will your contribution not amount to nothing? What you have given to Me is a mere grain of sand, yet what you have asked of Me is a ton of gold. Are you not simply being unreasonable? I work amongst you. There is absolutely no trace of the ten percent that I should be given, let alone any additional sacrifices. Furthermore, that ten percent contributed by those who are devout is seized by the wicked. Are you not all scattered from Me? Are you not all antagonistic toward Me? Are you not all wrecking My altar? How could such people be seen as treasures in My eyes? Are they not the swine and dogs that I loathe? How could I refer to your evildoing as a treasure? For whom is My work actually done? Could it be that its purpose is just to strike you all down to reveal My authority? Do your lives not all hinge upon a single word from Me? Why is it that I am only using words to instruct you, and have not turned words into facts to strike you down as soon as I could? Is the purpose of My words and work merely to strike down mankind? Am I a God who indiscriminately kills the innocent? Right now, how many of you are coming before Me with your entire being to seek the right path of human life? It is just your bodies that are in front of Me; your hearts are still at large, and are far, far away from Me. Because you do not know what My work actually is, there are a number of you who wish to depart from Me and distance yourselves from Me, hoping instead to live in a paradise where there is no chastisement or judgment. Is this not what people wish for in their hearts? I certainly am not trying to compel you. Whatever path you take is your own choice. Today’s path is one accompanied by judgment and curses, but you should all know that all that I have bestowed upon you—whether it be judgments or chastisements—are the best gifts I can grant you, and they are all things that you urgently need.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Are All So Base in Character!

No One Understands God’s Will


God has been doing His work amongst you. Yet there is no trace of God’s ten percent. The ten percent given by the godly, by the wicked it is seized and taken. Are you not all scattered apart from God? Are you not antagonistic to God? How could God see your wicked deeds that you’ve done as something so dear? God has selflessly bestowed all on you, so even though you suffer, you still gain everything He brings for you from heaven. Yet there is such little you dedicate. Even if you dedicate a little, later with God you settle your account. You’ve given God a single grain of sand, but what you ask for is a ton of gold. Won’t your contribution amount to nothing? Aren’t you just being unreasonable? Today’s path goes with curse and with judgment, but know that what God bestows on you, whether it be judgment or chastisement, they meet your urgent needs, the best for you.


Who is God’s work actually for? Could it be that it’s just to strike you down, so that God’s authority is revealed? Aren’t your lives all held by one word God says? Why is God solely teaching you through words, not turning words into fact to kill you? Are God’s words and work just to strike down man? Does God kill the innocent at random? Now how many of you come before God with your whole beings, seeking the right way? It’s just that your bodies are before God, but your hearts they are roaming far away. Because you do not know what God’s work is, many of you wish to depart from Him, wish life in paradise without judgment. Is this not what the heart of man would wish? God is certainly not compelling you. Whatever path you take is your own choice. Today’s path goes with curse and with judgment, but know that what God bestows on you, whether it be judgment or chastisement, they meet your urgent needs, the best for you.

—Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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