Daily Words of God: Exposing Mankind's Corruption | Excerpt 344

August 23, 2020

Although My work is very helpful for you, yet My words are always lost on you and come to nothing in you. It is difficult to find objects to be perfected by Me, and today I have nearly lost hope in you. I have searched among you for several years, but it is hard to find someone who can be My confidant. I feel as if I have no confidence to continue to work in you, and no love with which to continue to love you. This is because I have long ago become disgusted by your “accomplishments,” minuscule and pathetic as they are; it seems as if I had never spoken among you and had never worked in you. Your achievements are so nauseating. You always bring ruin and shame upon yourselves, and you have almost no value. I can hardly find the likeness of a human in you, nor smell the trace of a human. Where is your fresh scent? Where is the price you have paid over many years, and where are the results? Have you never found any? My work now has a new beginning, a new start. I am going to carry out grand plans and I want to accomplish even greater work, yet you are still wallowing in the mud as before, living in the filthy waters of the past, and have practically failed to free yourselves from your original predicament. Therefore, you still have not gained anything from My words. You still have not freed yourselves from your original place of mud and filthy water, and you only know My words, but in fact you have not entered into the realm of freedom of My words, so My words have never been opened up to you; they are like a book of prophecy that has been sealed for thousands of years. I appear to you in your lives, but you are always unaware of it. You do not even recognize Me. Nearly half of the words I say are in judgment of you, and they only achieve half of the effect that they should, which is to instill deep fear within you. The remaining half consists of words to teach you about life and how to conduct yourselves. However, it would seem that as far as you are concerned these words do not even exist, or as if you were listening to the words of children, words to which you always give a veiled smile, but never act upon. You have never been concerned about these things; it has always primarily been in the name of curiosity that you have observed My actions, with the result that now you have fallen into darkness and cannot see the light, and so you cry piteously in the dark. What I want is your obedience, your unconditional obedience, and even more, I require that you be completely certain of everything I say. You should not adopt an attitude of neglect and in particular you should not treat the things I say selectively, nor be indifferent toward My words and My work, as is your wont. My work is done in your midst and I have bestowed a great deal of My words upon you, but if you treat Me in this way, I can only give away to Gentile families that which you have neither gained nor put into practice. Who among all of the created beings is not held by Me in My hands? Most of those among you are of a “ripe old age,” and you do not have the energy to accept this kind of work that I have. You are like a Hanhao bird, just barely getting by, and you have never treated My words seriously. The young people are extremely vain and overindulgent and pay even less mind to My work. They have no interest in feasting on the delicacies of My banquet; they are like a little bird that has flown out of its cage to venture far away into the distance. How can these kinds of young and old people be useful to Me?

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Words for the Young and the Old

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