Gospel Testimony Video | "Following the Footsteps of the Lamb"

July 29, 2020

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Li Zhong, his wife, and their two children are Christians. When he finds out that his wife has accepted Almighty God's work of the last days, he does all he can to oppose her faith in Almighty God. He also refuses to look into God's judgment work of the last days, believing because of his own notions and imaginings that as long as he clings to the name of the Lord Jesus, he'll be taken into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord comes. He uses petty little incentives to get his son and daughter to join him in his crusade to stop his wife from attending gatherings. Then, through an unexpected chance one day, he secretly takes a look at Almighty God's words, The Word Appears in the Flesh. It rocks him to his core. Does Li Zhong end up succeeding in his plan to stand in his wife's way? What kind of transformation does he undergo? You'll find out in Following the Footsteps of the Lamb.


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