Christian Music Video | "Give Your Heart Before God If You Believe in Him" | Chinese Christian Song

May 10, 2020

Since you believe in God, you must hand over your heart before God.

If you offer up and lay your heart before God,

then during refinement it will be impossible for you to deny God, or leave God.

In this way your relationship with God

will become ever closer and ever more proper,

and your communion with God will become ever more frequent.

If you always practice in this way,

then you will spend more time in God’s light

and more time under the guidance of His words.

There will also be more and more changes in your disposition,

and your knowledge will increase day by day.


When the day comes that God’s trials suddenly befall you,

you will not only be able to stand by God’s side,

but will also be able to bear testimony to God.

At that time, you will be like Job, and like Peter.

At that time, you will be like Job, and like Peter.

Having borne testimony to God you will truly love Him,

and will gladly lay down your life for Him;

you will be God’s witness,

and one who is beloved by God.

Love that has experienced refinement is strong, not weak.

Regardless of when or how God subjects you to His trials,

you are able to lay down your concerns

about whether you live or die,

to gladly cast aside everything for God,

and to happily endure anything for God—

thus your love will be pure and your faith real.

Only then will you be someone who is truly loved by God,

and who has truly been made perfect by God.


from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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