2021 Christian Movie Based on a True Story | "Growth" | Trailer

July 23, 2021

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Liang Xinjing is a Christian who lives a happy life with her husband and daughter. But because of the Chinese Communist Party's deranged push to persecute and arrest believers, her husband starts trying to stand in the way of her faith, afraid that she'll be imprisoned, and then his chances at being promoted will be impacted. Liang Xinjing remains strong in her resolve to follow God, even when her husband uses violence against her and ultimately insists on a divorce. Not long after their divorce, the Communist Party launches another wide-scale operation to arrest Christians, forcing Liang Xinjing to flee the region. The police and their "red armband" operatives continually interrogate and threaten her daughter, demanding to know her whereabouts. Living in a constant state of terror and anxiety, her daughter develops lymphoma. When Liang Xinjing learns of this, she sinks into a state of abject despair. How does she pray and rely on God to get through this hardship, this trial? What does she learn from it? Watch Growth and find out.

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