Christian Testimony Video | "How Did My Duty Become Transactional"

September 8, 2021

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The main character had enthusiastically thrown herself into her duty ever since she started believing in God. Then in 2017, the leader told her to convalesce at home due to a serious problem with high blood pressure. She was afraid that without a duty to perform, she wouldn't have a good destination. She was living within complaints and misunderstandings. By being advised and dealt with by a sister, and reading God's words, she realized that she had faith in God in order to gain blessings, that she was conducting a transaction with God. She became willing to let go of this drive to be blessed and submit to God's orchestrations and arrangements. But later on, after being elected as a church leader, when mistakes cropped up in her work, she became concerned that any further problems would impact her future and destination, and she wanted to give up her duty. By reading God's words, she recognized that she was doing her duty just to seek blessings, not to seek the truth, and this was a path contrary to God. She became willing to repent to God and to do her duty well to repay God's love, whether she was blessed or cursed in the end.

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