Christian Testimony Video | "Is Faith in the Bible the Same as Faith in God?" (English Dubbed)

September 10, 2020

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The main character, a devout believer, longs for the Lord's coming. She later learns on Facebook that The Church of Almighty God is testifying that the Lord Jesus has returned. She wants to look into it, but since her pastor says that the way preached by The Church of Almighty God goes beyond the Bible and anything that departs from the Bible is heresy, she's hesitant and doesn't dare investigate it. After praying, she realizes that the Lord's coming is no small matter and she can't just follow the crowd. She then visits The Church of Almighty God's website to see for herself, where she finds a wide variety of videos bearing witness to God. The Church's fellowship on the truth is practical and enlightening and it resolves confusions and difficulties she's had for years. She also learns from these videos that God is the Lord of creation and He has every right to go beyond the Bible in His work, and she realizes that faith in the Bible is not faith in God. Through her investigation, she becomes certain that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, and so she accepts God's work of the last days and follows the footsteps of the Lamb.

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