Daily Words of God: Knowing God | Excerpt 187

March 16, 2021

For the material world, if people don’t understand certain things or phenomena they can open a book and search for the relevant information, or else they can use various channels to find out their origins and the story behind them. But when it comes to the other world that we are talking about today—the spiritual world that exists outside of the material world—people have absolutely no means or channels of learning about the inside story and truth of it. Why do I say this? Because, in the world of mankind, everything of the material world is inseparable from the physical existence of man, and because people feel that everything in the material world is inseparable from their physical living and physical life, most people are only aware of, or see, the material things before their eyes, the things that are visible to them. Yet when it comes to the spiritual world—which is to say, everything that is of that other world—it is fair to say that most people do not believe. That is because it is invisible to them, and they believe there is no need to understand it, or to know anything about it, to say nothing of how this spiritual world is a completely different world to the material world. To God, it is open, but to mankind it is hidden and not open, and so people have difficulty in finding a channel through which to understand the various aspects of this world. The things I am going to say about the spiritual world only concern God’s administration and sovereignty. Of course, they also relate to man’s outcome and destination—but I am not revealing mysteries, nor am I telling you any of the secrets that you wish to find out, for this concerns God’s sovereignty, God’s administration, and God’s provision, and as such I shall only speak of the part that it is necessary for you to know.

First, let Me ask you a question: In your mind, what is the spiritual world? Broadly speaking, it is a world outside the material world, one that is invisible and impalpable to people. But in your imagination, what kind of world ought the spiritual world to be? Perhaps, as a result of not being able to see it, you are incapable of imagining it. But when you hear legends about it, you’ll still think, you won’t be able to stop yourselves. And why do I say this? There is something that happens to a lot of people when they’re young: When someone tells them a frightening story—about ghosts, souls—they’re scared out of their wits. And why are they scared? Because they’re imagining those things; even though they can’t see them, they feel that they’re all around their room, in somewhere hidden, or somewhere dark, and they’re so scared that they don’t dare sleep. Especially at night, they don’t dare be alone in the room, or alone in the courtyard. That is the spiritual world of your imagination, and it’s a world that people think is frightening. Everyone has some imagination, and everyone can feel something.

What is the spiritual world? Let Me give you a short and simple explanation. The spiritual world is an important place, one that is different from the material world. And why do I say that it is important? We’re going to talk about this in detail. The existence of the spiritual world is inextricably linked to the material world of mankind. It plays a major role in the cycle of human life and death in God’s dominion over all things; this is its role, and one of the reasons why its existence is important. Because it is a place that is indiscernible to the five senses, no one can accurately judge whether it exists or not. The goings on of the spiritual world are intimately connected to the existence of mankind, as a result of which the way mankind lives is also hugely influenced by the spiritual world. Does this relate to God’s sovereignty? It does. When I say this, you understand why I am discussing this topic: Because it concerns God’s sovereignty, and His administration. In a world such as this—one which is invisible to people—its every heavenly edict, decree, and administrative system is far higher than the laws and systems of any country of the material world, and no being that lives in this world would dare to contravene or arrogate them. Does this relate to God’s sovereignty and administration? In this world, there are clear administrative decrees, clear heavenly edicts, and clear statutes. At different levels and in different areas, bailiffs strictly abide by their duty and observe rules and regulations, for they know what the consequence of violating a heavenly edict is, they are clearly aware of how God punishes evil and rewards good, and of how He administers all things, how He rules all things, and, moreover, they clearly see how God carries out His heavenly edicts and statutes. Are these different from the material world inhabited by mankind? They are hugely different. It is a world that is completely different to the material world. Since there are heavenly edicts, and statutes, it concerns God’s sovereignty, administration, and, moreover, God’s disposition and what He has and is. Having heard this, do you not feel that it is highly necessary for Me to speak of this topic? Do you not wish to learn the secrets within? Such is the concept of the spiritual world. Although it coexists with the material world, and is simultaneously subject to God’s administration and sovereignty, God’s administration and sovereignty of this world are far stricter than that of the material world.

—The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique X

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