Daily Words of God: Knowing God's Work | Excerpt 176

August 3, 2020

The work of the Holy Spirit is all about enabling people to obtain benefits; it is all about edifying people; there is no work that does not benefit people. No matter whether the truth is deep or shallow, and no matter what the caliber of those who accept the truth is like, whatever the Holy Spirit does, it is all beneficial to people. But the work of the Holy Spirit cannot be done directly; it must go through the men who cooperate with Him. It is only in this way that the results of the work of the Holy Spirit can be obtained. Of course, when it is the direct work of the Holy Spirit, it has not been adulterated at all; but when it uses the medium of man, it is much mixed and is not the original work of the Holy Spirit. In this way, the truth changes to differing degrees. Followers do not receive the original meaning of the Holy Spirit but a combination of the work of the Holy Spirit and the experience and knowledge of man. The part of the work of the Holy Spirit that is received by followers is correct. The experience and the knowledge of man which are received vary because the workers are different. Once workers have the enlightenment and guidance of the Holy Spirit, they subsequently experience based on this enlightenment and guidance. Within these experiences are combined man’s mind and experience, as well as the being of humanity, after which they gain the knowledge or seeing that they should. This is the way of practice after man has experienced the truth. This way of practice is not always the same because people have different experiences and the things that people experience are different. In this way, the same enlightenment of the Holy Spirit results in different knowledge and practice because those who receive the enlightenment are different. Some people make minor mistakes during practice while some make major mistakes, and some make nothing but mistakes. This is because people’s abilities to understand differ and because their actual caliber also differs. Some people understand it this way after hearing a message, and some people understand it that way after hearing a truth. Some people deviate slightly; and some do not understand the true meaning of the truth at all. Therefore, however one understands it is how he will lead others; this is exactly true, because his work is just expressing his being. People led by those who have a correct understanding of the truth will also have a correct understanding of the truth. Even if there are people who have errors in understanding, there are very few of them, and not all the people will have errors. People led by those who have errors in understanding of the truth will undoubtedly be erroneous. These people will be erroneous in every sense of the word. The degree of understanding of the truth among followers largely depends on the workers. Of course, the truth from God is correct and without error, and is absolutely certain. But, the workers are not completely correct and cannot be said to be completely reliable. If workers have a way to practice the truth which is very practical, then followers will also have a way of practice. If workers do not have a way to practice the truth but have only doctrine, followers would not have any reality. The caliber and nature of followers are determined by birth and are not associated with workers. But the extent to which followers understand the truth and know God depends on the workers (this is only so for some people). Whatever a worker is like, this is what the followers that he leads will be like. What a worker expresses is his own being, and without reservation. The demands he places on his followers are what he himself is willing to achieve or what he is able to achieve. Most workers make demands on their followers based on what they do themselves, despite there being many that people cannot achieve at all. What people cannot achieve becomes an obstacle to their entry.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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