Daily Words of God | "Practice (7)" | Excerpt 211

Daily Words of God | "Practice (7)" | Excerpt 211

0 |September 8, 2020

Today, the work I do in you is meant to lead you into a life of normal humanity; it is the work of ushering in a new age and of leading mankind into the life of the new age. Step by step, this work is carried out and develops among you, directly: I teach you face to face; I take you by the hand; I tell you anything you do not understand, bestow upon you anything you lack. It can be said that, for you, all of this work is your provision for life, guiding you also into a life of normal humanity; it is specifically meant to provide sustenance for the life of this group of people during the last days. For Me, all this work is meant to end the old age and usher in a new one; as for Satan, I became flesh precisely in order to defeat it. The work I do among you now is your sustenance for today and your timely salvation, but during these few short years, I will tell you all truths, the whole way of life, and even the work of the future; this will be enough to enable you to experience things properly in the future. All My words alone are what I have entrusted to you. I make no other exhortation; today, all of the words I speak to you are My exhortation of you, because today you have no experience of many of the words I speak, and do not understand their deeper meaning. One day, your experiences will come to fruition just as I have spoken of today. These words are your visions of today, and they are what you will depend on in the future; they are sustenance for life today and an exhortation for the future, and no exhortation could be better. This is because the time I have to work on earth is not as long as the time you have to experience My words; I am merely completing My work, whereas you are pursuing life, a process that involves a long journey through life. Only after experiencing many things will you be able to completely gain the way of life; only then will you be able to see through to the inner meaning of the words I speak today. When you have My words in your hands, when each of you has received all of My commissions, once I have commissioned you with all that I ought to, and when the work of words has come to an end, regardless of how great an effect has been achieved, then the implementation of the will of God will also have been achieved. It is not as you imagine, that you must be changed to a certain extent; God does not act according to your notions.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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