Christian Testimony Video | "Lessons Learned From Getting Liver Cancer"

October 8, 2021

Since believing in God, the main character has done his duty with great enthusiasm. One day, after a hospital examination, he discovers he has severe anemia and hepatitis B. He is anguished by this news and finds it difficult to accept, unable to understand why God has failed to protect him despite all the effort and sacrifice he has made for God. However, after reading God's words, he starts to understand that all his suffering and expending of himself was done to bargain with God, to use Him and cheat Him, in order to gain blessings. He is filled with remorse and reproaches himself, and he desires to remedy his wrong views on pursuit and obey God's sovereignty and arrangements, and as a result his illness begins to clear up. However, a year later his illness comes back as liver cancer, and once again he is plunged into suffering. In the midst of illness, how does he seek the truth and learn his lesson, and what does he gain in the end? Watch this video to find out!

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