Christian Movie | Are There Any Words or Work of God Besides Those in the Bible? (Highlights)

August 6, 2016

“Outside the Bible there is no God’s work and word, and any belief beyond the Bible is a heresy.” Does it make sense? Does it accord with the fact of God’s work? This film clip will give you the answer.


Pastors and elders of the religious world often teach people that there are no words and work of God outside of the Bible, and so going beyond the Bible is heresy. Does this idea stand up to scrutiny? Does it accord with the reality of God's work? The work of redemption done by the Lord Jesus in the Age of Grace is simply not recorded in the Old Testament and it goes beyond the Old Testament. If going beyond the Bible is heresy, are we not then also condemning the Lord Jesus' work? So are there any words or work of God besides those in the Bible, or not? This video will reveal the answer to you.

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