2022 Christian Testimony Video | "Don't Doubt Those You Use: Is That Right?"

June 12, 2022

Based on what he learned about Brother Liu in the past, the main character blindly defines him as a responsible person who takes on a burden for his duty, someone who can be relied upon. He has unwavering confidence in him. After Brother Liu takes on a leadership position, the main character doesn't follow up on and supervise his duty in detail. Even when brothers and sisters mention that he isn't doing practical work, he still holds to the idea of "Don't doubt the people you employ" and chooses to trust him. It's not until Brother Liu causes serious harm to the work of the church that he's filled with regret. What does he learn about this concept he always held, "Don't doubt the people you employ," by reading God's words? What does he gain from that? Please watch this video.

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