2020 Praise Songs - New English Christian Devotional Songs

April 20, 2020

00:00:00:00【God’s Humbleness Is So Lovable】

00:03:31:10【The Incarnate God Is Most Lovable】

00:06:00:20【All Things Are in God’s Hand】

00:10:16:04【God Is Man’s Eternal Support】

00:14:05:20【God Puts His Hope Completely on Man】

00:19:28:26【Break Through Notions of Nationality and Ethnicity to Seek God’s Appearance】

00:23:27:27【When God’s Rod Comes】

00:27:51:23【Almighty God Appears as the Sun of Righteousness】

00:31:03:13【God Keeps Man Existing With His Righteous Disposition】

00:36:44:09【God’s Judgment Has Entirely Come】

00:40:12:03【The Creator’s Authority and Identity Coexist】

00:45:32:02【God’s Authority Is Unique】

00:48:40:14【The Symbols of God’s Victory】

00:54:05:15【God Will Restore the Meaning of His Creation of Man】

01:00:00:09【The Countenance of the Kingdom’s King Is Glorious Beyond Compare】

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