Christian Testimony Movie Trailer | "Reaping Joy Amid Suffering" (Dubbed Into English)

September 12, 2020

Zhong Xinming is a leader in the church, able to endure suffering for her duty, and she is both conscientious and responsible. Though she has back problems, she continues to do her duty despite the pain. Her condition worsens, however, and a hospital checkup reveals she has a herniated disc at lumbar segments 4 and 5. If she doesn't receive treatment right away, she could end up bedridden. She is a little worried by this, but she believes this condition has happened to her by God's permission, and that God is trying her, testing her faith and devotion. She believes that as long as she cooperates with the treatment and keeps doing her duty, God will surely protect her. But as time goes by, her condition gets worse and worse, and she is in danger of becoming paralyzed at any time. How does she make it through the trial of this illness? And how does she reap joy in the end? Watch Reaping Joy Amid Suffering to find out.

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