Christian Testimony Video | "A Human Likeness Is Attainable by Resolving Arrogance" (English Dubbed)

September 20, 2020

The main character is a graphic designer responsible for things like designing movie posters and YouTube thumbnails for the church. Her images are often reviewed favorably as she's technically adept, and before she knows it, she becomes arrogant, always insisting on her own opinions and refusing to accept others' feedback. As a result, she fails and hits roadblocks time and time again, leaving her highly distressed. After she's judged and exposed by God's words, she gains some understanding of her arrogant, self-righteous satanic disposition and comes to hate it, and her corrupt disposition undergoes some change. How is her arrogant disposition changed step by step? Find out in A Human Likeness Is Attainable by Resolving Arrogance.

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