Christian Testimony of Faith in God Video | "Rising Up From Dark Oppression"

August 23, 2020

Friends, do you want to get closer to God and know more about God? You are invited to join our group, and we will share God’s words with you, so you can draw near to God.


The main character, a Christian in The Church of Almighty God, is arrested by the CCP police for believing in God and spreading the gospel. In an attempt to force him to betray God and sell out his brothers and sisters, the police subject him to all manner of cruel tortures: They withhold food and water; they take it in turns to viciously beat him; they make him strip naked in front of a crowd of onlookers to humiliate him; they stomp on his toe until the toenail comes off; they hang him from a tree for three days and three nights, during which they release ants to bite him. In his agony, he continually prays to and relies on God. At one point his spirit suddenly leaves his body, and he cannot hold back his loud praises for God. After witnessing God's deeds, his faith grows, and ultimately he bears resounding testimony for God before Satan.


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