2021 Christian Testimony Video |"The Bonds of Corruption"

September 21, 2021

The protagonist is a leader, and she finds that Sister Chen, the newly elected leader, is of good caliber and is capable of effective fellowship on the truth. She becomes concerned that she will be outdone by Sister Chen and feels her reputation and status could be threatened by her. Subject to the bonds of her corrupt disposition, she competes with this new leader at every turn. When she sees that Sister Chen's fellowship on the truth resolves problems, surpasses her own, and gains brothers' and sisters' respect and approval, she begins living within negativity and becomes biased against Sister Chen, even considering leaving that church without giving any thought to the work that needs to be carried out there. But later, judged and exposed by God's words, she gains some understanding of herself and is able to escape the bonds of her corrupt disposition. She feels a great sense of release. What is the protagonist's experience? Which words of God guided her out of her negative state? Let's listen to what she has to say together.

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