Christian Song | "Only the Creator Has Pity on This Mankind"

May 18, 2018

The Creator is among man at all times, He is always in conversation with man and the entirety of creation,

and He is performing new deeds every day.

His substance and disposition are expressed in His dialogue with man;

His thoughts and ideas are revealed completely in His deeds;

He accompanies and observes mankind at all times.

He speaks quietly to mankind and all of creation with His silent words:

I am in the heavens, and I am amongst My creation.

I am keeping watch; I am waiting; I am at your side….

Only the Creator has pity on this mankind. Only the Creator shows this mankind tenderness and affection.

Only the Creator holds a true, unbreakable affection for this mankind.

Likewise, only the Creator can bestow mercy on this mankind

and cherish all of His creation.

His heart leaps and aches at every one of man’s actions:

He is angered, distressed and grieved over man’s evil and corruption;

He is pleased, joyful, forgiving and jubilant for man’s repentance and belief;

every single one of His thoughts and ideas exist for and revolve around mankind;

what He is and has is expressed entirely for mankind’s sake;

the entirety of His emotions are intertwined with mankind’s existence.

For mankind’s sake, He travels and rushes about;

He silently gives forth every bit of His life;

He dedicates every minute and second of His life….

He has never known how to pity His own life,

yet He has always pitied and cherished the mankind He Himself created….

He gives all that He has to this humanity….

He grants His mercy and tolerance unconditionally and without expectation of recompense.

He does this only so that mankind can continue to survive before His eyes,

receiving His provision of life;

He does this only so that mankind may one day submit before Him

and recognize that He is the One who nourishes man’s existence and supplies the life of all creation.

Only the Creator has pity on this mankind. Only the Creator shows this mankind tenderness and affection.

Only the Creator holds a true, unbreakable affection for this mankind,

a true, unbreakable affection for this mankind.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh


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