Christian Testimony Video | "The Harm Done by Showing Off"

1682 |December 3, 2020

After she is chosen to be a church leader, the main character often shows off in fellowship about how responsible she is in her duty and how successful in work she is. She deliberately conceals her own weaknesses and corruption and always takes the lead among her co-workers and work partners, until everyone ends up idolizing and relying on her. Only when she is disciplined through illness does she finally reflect on herself. Through the revelations and judgment of God's words, she finally sees how she is always exalting herself and showing off, how she seeks to be admired and idolized by others, that, in essence, she has been vying with God for control over people, and that she is following the path of the antichrists. She realizes the harm she is causing to the church and to her brothers and sisters, and, filled with remorse and self-hatred, she truly repents.

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