Gospel Testimony Video | "The Judgment of the Great White Throne Has Begun"

August 8, 2020

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The main character, Jiang Mengxi, is a devout Christian. She watches many videos online about judgment in the last days and comes to believe that when the Lord returns, He will sit upon a great white throne to judge all nations and peoples, and to determine people's ends. One day, her husband tells her that the Lord has returned to earth in the flesh to perform the work of judgment. This confuses her greatly, but through reading Almighty God's words, she comes to understand that God performs His judgment work in the last days by expressing the truth to uproot man's sinful nature and to cleanse and save man once and for all. She learns that God will ultimately separate each according to his kind, and that the judgment of the great white throne has already begun. After looking into it further, Mengxi accepts God's work of the last days and welcomes the return of the Lord.

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