Christian Testimony Video | The True Colors of My "Spiritual Parent"

September 25, 2020

The main character is a devout Christian. After she accepts Almighty God's work of the last days, she thinks of Pastor Jin from her old church, who has believed in the Lord for many years, is well-versed in the Bible, is loving toward believers, and often teaches believers to keep watch and wait for the Lord's coming. She wants to tell him the good news of the Lord Jesus' return. To her surprise, however, Pastor Jin has no interest in seeking the Lord's return at all, but instead condemns and judges it. She shares fellowship with the pastor on biblical prophecies concerning the Lord's coming and bears witness to Almighty God's words, but he takes some prophecies out of context, clinging to the words of the Bible and to his own religious notions. He absolutely refuses to accept the truth. He tries again and again to disrupt her belief and stop her from accepting the true way, and even threatens her with expulsion from the church and curses her to make her give up the true way. In the face of reality, the main character finally sees the true colors of her hypocritical "spiritual parent." What does she come to understand in the end? And what does she gain from this spiritual battle? Watch The True Colors of My "Spiritual Parent" to find out.

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