Christian Testimony Video | "The Twists and Turns in My Journey to God" (I)

January 21, 2023

She is a devout Christian. In her search for the path to freedom from sin, she spends eight years looking everywhere for a church that has the work of the Holy Spirit, even going as far as South Korea in her search. However, she ends up disappointed time after time. Just as she reaches a point of feeling miserable and helpless, her elder sister tells her that the Lord returned long ago, and reads her some passages from Almighty God’s words. Feeling the power and authority within His words, she becomes curious about this book. With a copy from her sister, she compares it with the Bible as she reads. The more she reads, the more certain she feels that these are likely the words of God; she decides to visit The Church of Almighty God to investigate. Later, she finally finds the path to freedom from sin within Almighty God’s words, and she is able to welcome the Lord.

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