English Christian Song | "The Two Incarnations Complete God's Work in the Flesh"

April 15, 2024


God in His first incarnation didn't complete the incarnation's work;

He only completed the first step of the work

that was necessary for God to do in the flesh.

So, in order to finish the work of incarnation,

God has returned to the flesh for a second time,

living out all the normality and practicality of the flesh,

that is, making God's Word manifest

in an entirely normal and ordinary flesh,

thereby concluding the work,

the work that He left undone in the flesh.

In essence, the second incarnate flesh is like the first,

but it's even more practical, normal than the first.


It was Jesus' flesh that was nailed to the cross,

His flesh that He gave up as a sin offering.

Through a flesh with normal humanity, He defeated Satan,

completely saved man from the cross.

It's as a complete flesh

that God in His second incarnation performs the conquest work

and defeats Satan.

Only a flesh that is completely normal and practical

can perform the work of conquest in its entirety

and bear powerful testimony.


The ministry of this incarnate God is to speak,

and thereby to conquer and perfect man;

the work of the Spirit realized in the flesh,

the flesh's duty, is to speak and thereby conquer,

reveal, perfect, and cast out man completely.

So, it's in the work of conquest

that God's work in the flesh will be accomplished in full.

The initial work of redemption was just

the beginning of the work of incarnation;

the flesh that performs the work of conquest

will complete the entire work of incarnation.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Essence of the Flesh Inhabited by God

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