English Christian Song | "What Value Is There in Cherishing Status?"

July 7, 2024


People don't know how to show consideration for God's intentions,

they cannot see His actions,

and they cannot move within the light and be shone on by the light.

Although man once treasured God's words,

he's incapable of seeing through the deceitful schemes of Satan;

because man's stature is too small, he is unable to do as his heart wishes.

Man has never loved God sincerely.

He feels himself unworthy when God exalts him,

but this doesn't make him try to satisfy God,

this doesn't make him try to satisfy God.

He merely holds the "station" God has given him in his hands

and scrutinizes it;

insensible to God's loveliness,

he instead persists in engorging himself on the benefits of his station.

Is this not the deficiency of man?


When the mountains move,

could they make a detour for the sake of your station?

When the waters flow, could they cease before man's station?

Could the heavens and the earth be reversed by man's station?

God was once merciful toward man, over and over again—

yet no one cherishes or treasures this.

They merely listened to it as a story, or read it as a novel.

Do God's words really not touch the heart of man?

Do God's utterances really have no effect?

Could it be that no one believes in God's existence?

Man does not love himself, does not love himself;

instead, he unites with Satan to attack God,

and uses Satan as an "asset" with which to serve Him.

God will penetrate all the deceitful schemes of Satan,

penetrate all the deceitful schemes of Satan,

and stop the people of earth from being misled by Satan,

so that they don't oppose God because of its existence.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God's Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 22

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