989 Do You Understand God’s Attitude When He Takes Retribution on Man?

Verse 1

God’s work is a great help to you.

He wants an honest heart in return,

one that aspires upward.

But so far His hands are empty.

Bridge 1

If one day God is still so aggrieved,

will He be as kind and serene as now?

Do you understand how one feels

tilling land without harvesting one grain?

Verse 2

Do you know how greatly one’s heart is injured

when he is dealt a great blow?

How sad is someone whose hope turns

to parting on bad terms?

Bridge 2

Have you seen the wrath of the provoked?

Can you know the revenge of the deceived?

If you understand these people’s minds,

then you can imagine God’s retribution.

Verse 3

God hopes you put in serious effort

for the sake of your destination.

But do not be deceitful in your efforts,

or God’s disappointment will continue.

Bridge 3

Those who take thought for their destination

but ruin it are least able to be saved.

Even if exasperated and enraged,

who would take pity on them?


So God wishes your destination

would be both suitable and good.

And He hopes none of you

will fall into disaster.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. On Destination

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