18 When the Salute to the Kingdom Rings Out

Verse 1

The Age of Kingdom’s unlike past times.

It’s not concerned with what man does.

For God descends, does His work Himself,

work man can’t conceive, accomplish.

When the building of the kingdom begins,

God’s incarnate flesh starts His ministry.

The King takes on sovereign power.

The kingdom’s descended to the world.

Verse 2

All lie in God’s love, compassion,

but also His judgment, trial.

He’s merciful, loving to man,

even when they have been corrupted.

God has once meted out chastisement,

even when all submit to Him.

But aren’t all in the very midst

of suffering, refinement God’s sent?

Chorus 1

When the kingdom’s salute rings out,

the seven thunders peal as well.

It convulses heaven and earth, shaking the empyrean;

man’s heartstrings vibrate.

An anthem to the kingdom rises

in the great red dragon’s nation,

proving God’s destroyed its nation

and established His kingdom on earth.

Verse 3

God is now sending His angels out

to all of the world’s nations

to shepherd His sons and people.

It helps the next step of His work.

God does battle at the red dragon’s lair.

When people know God, see His deeds,

see them from God in the flesh, the flesh,

this lair will become ash, vanish.

Chorus 2

God now descends on the red dragon’s place,

He turns His face toward all.

The firmament, the firmament shakes.

Is any place free from God’s judgment,

or free from disasters He rains down?

God sows seeds of disaster wherever He goes.

It’s an act of salvation, of love for man.


God wishes to make even more people

come to know and see Him,

thus revere this God who was beyond their sight

all those years, but who’s so real today.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 10

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