39 The Cosmos Rings With Praise for God


So full of songs and beautiful dances,

the universe has become a rolling ocean of praise.

Stars leap and the moon smiles,

the cosmos is full of praise, and we dance with joy!

Almighty God, Christ of the last days,

has appeared on earth and expressed truths,

rocking every nation, every denomination.

The chosen people from every country and every place

have heard God’s voice, turning toward His throne in worship.

In Zion God has turned to face the universe,

revealing His righteousness, His holiness.

God’s people are full of joy,

praising God without pause, praising God without pause.

Praise God, praise God! Hallelujah! Praise God, praise God!


To love God, we must offer up a sincere heart,

loyally perform our duty,

and be considerate of God’s will.

Brothers’ and sisters’ hearts are closely linked.

All praise God as one—

man and woman, young and old.

You offer a song and I will offer a dance;

you bear witness to God and I will cooperate.

We put to shame the demonic great red dragon,

and honor the name of the almighty true God.

We have all seen God’s righteous disposition through His work.

Almighty God is a righteous God.

God’s people have seen His glorious countenance,

and all seek to love Him and satisfy Him.

God’s people are willing to be eternally loyal to God.

Praise God, praise God! Hallelujah! Praise God, praise God!


God gains glory on earth,

all nations and peoples are happy,

the life of the kingdom is so beautiful!

A new heaven, a new earth, a new kingdom,

we dance and sing for God, it is such a joy.

The most beautiful songs are sung for God,

the most beautiful dances are danced for God.

We offer up our true hearts to God,

and we love Him purely and honestly.

God’s people praise God along with all of creation, praise God forever without pause!

Oh Zion, such a glory!

God’s abode shines brilliantly,

the glorious light pours through the whole cosmos.

Almighty God’s face bears a smile,

and He looks out on the renewal of the universe from His throne.

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