73 See Who Bears Good Testimony to God


Almighty God, I love You, I sing a song of praise.

I dance a dance of joy for You, Almighty God.

By God’s exaltation and grace, we are raised up before the throne.

God’s words conquer our hearts and we come to praise God to our hearts’ content.


We come before God, and we eat, drink, and enjoy His words.

Accepting His judgment, we are being cleansed, and we’re truly happy to live out a human likeness.

Judgment and chastisement are God’s love, trials and refinement are His blessings.

God has given me a new life, I will praise God forever.


God’s words have great authority, they lead us through adversity.

They guide and protect us at every moment, we feel even more God’s dearness and loveliness.

Our faith is perfected in adversity, we see God’s wisdom and almightiness.

No matter the trial, our God-loving hearts will never change.


God’s love is so great that it can never be wholly told, we will praise God forever.

Loyally, we fulfill our duties well to repay God’s love.

With one mind, we bear witness to God, and the gospel of the kingdom is spread throughout the universe.

Almighty God gains glory in Zion, our hearts overflow with joy.


Get up and dance, brothers and sisters! Joyfully sing songs of praise!

Why do I dance joyfully? Because my heart loves God.

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