108 How Joyous the Belief in God

Spoken: We were once a depraved and decadent generation.

We once gave parents headaches and left teachers frustrated.

Now we believe in God and follow God, we’re on the right path of human life.

We shimmer bright—for we pursue the truth and practice God’s words;

we are the generation of new people that is loved and blessed by God.


We have said goodbye to the frantic chasing of the latest trends, and have left behind the clamor of the nightclubs.

No longer do we worry about vanity, or competing over the pleasures of the flesh.

No longer are we beguiled by money, or addicted to online games.

No longer do we chase absurd romances, or indulge in physical lust.

No longer do we equip ourselves with false knowledge, and no longer are we insolent, willful and dissolute.

We have heard the voice of God, and returned before Almighty God.

The truth of God’s words has cleared our minds, and we have learned to tell between what is good and evil, beautiful and ugly.

God’s words have cleansed us, they have removed us from the corruption of the evil trends.

We have accepted the truths expressed by God, and have set foot on the right path of human life.


Each day I read the words of God and fellowship about the truth, living the life of the church.

The judgment, chastisement and pruning of God’s words have been with me as I grow up.

There have been tears in my eyes, and grief, and failures and falls,

but thanks to the timely enlightenment and illumination of God’s words, I have understood the truth and been set free.

Brothers and sisters gather together and praise God with cheers and laughter.

Living before God and communing with God fills my heart with bliss and sweetness.

Pursuing to be one of the honest people beloved of God, I am innocent, vivacious, and untroubled.

With one mind, we preach and testify to God, and our hearts are glad and free.

We’ve seen God face to face, and felt His true love.

I’ve realized how precious the truth is; my life has a new purpose.

Thanks be to Almighty God, who has given us the truth, the way, and the life.

None is more lovely than Almighty God; we, the young generation, shall forever praise God!

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