112 The Heart’s Voice of a Created Being


So often I wanted to cry out, but no place ever felt right.

So often I wanted to sing aloud, but nary a tune could be found.

So often I yearned to express the love of a created being,

I searched high and low, but words failed me.

Almighty God, You are the love in my heart.

My heart skips, my hands dance, to praise Your coming into this world.


Man came from dust, without any life.

God made man, and He gave to man the breath of life so they may survive on earth.

How sad that Satan has corrupted man, lost are their reason and conscience.

Generation after generation, they have fallen until now.

Almighty God, You are the love in my heart.

I am dust but can see Your glorious face. How can I not bow and worship You?


God created man and loves them, so He became flesh again to save them.

He has endured humiliation and all kinds of pain, and has tasted all the sweetness and bitterness of life,

so man can be brought into a beautiful destination.

For such salvation to come upon us, how can we not thank Him endlessly?

Almighty God, You are the love in my heart.

I was deeply corrupted, yet You’ve saved me today. How can I not bow and worship You?


Today I am saved and embark on the right path, it is only by the grace and blessing of God.

I enjoy God’s words and experience His judgment, I come to know His righteousness and holiness.

Enduring all manner of persecution, pain and adversity, I realize that only God is the loveliest.

By experiencing God’s work I am cleansed, and I live in the light at last.

Almighty God, You are the love in my heart.

Submitting to Your arrangements, satisfying Your will, I no longer choose anything for myself.


The created beings should worship God, for this is man’s heaven-sent vocation.

Contemptible Satan uses any means to lure me, I hate and loathe it.

I’d rather live in God’s judgment and chastisement to love Him,

no longer lusting after fleshly comforts or enjoyment, no longer living under Satan’s power.

Almighty God, You are the love in my heart.

I come from dust, to love You is my greatest blessing in life.

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