152 Sweet Love


Your love is hidden away in my heart, it leads me to get close to You sweetly.

Being considerate of Your intentions, my heart is even sweeter; I serve You with all my heart and mind.

Your words lead my heart, and my loving steps follow You closely.

I will act in line with Your intentions, satisfying Your intentions delights my heart.

Now I live in another realm, only You and I together.

You love me, I love You, there is no barrier or distance between us,

there is no grief or worry, no memory of pain.


In love we go together with nothing to separate us, both our hearts are happy.

I understand Your intentions and absolutely submit to You, I wish to never again rebel in the slightest.

I’ll live before You even more, and I’ll never be parted from You.

I silently ponder over Your words, I treasure what You are and have.

Your words cleanse my corruption, and they have filled my heart.

Oh, I love You, I love You, Your words have become my life.

I’m so fortunate to be saved by You and I’ll love and bear witness to You forever.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise be to God!

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