Rosita Šorytė: Asylum Should be Granted to Christian Refugees Based on Objective Information

April 18, 2018

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power, it has never ceased in persecuting religious beliefs. The CCP has openly designated Christianity and Catholicism as cults, and the Bible as a cult book. Countless copies of it have been confiscated and burned. Since 1995, the CCP has included many house churches, including The Church of Almighty God (CAG), in cult lists and began its open repression and persecution. After Xi Jinping took office, the CCP has intensified its crackdown on Christianity, in particular The Church of Almighty God. It even deploys armed police to carry out maniacal repression and arrests, and also uses all kinds of media to manipulate public opinion and discredit The Church of Almighty God. CAG Christians had to flee overseas to escape the persecution of the CCP and applied for asylum in democracies. However, governments of countries such as South Korea, France, and Italy do not acknowledge the fact that these Christians are persecuted and refuse to grant them asylum. What are the reasons behind it? In the episode, we have invited Ms. Rosita Šorytė as our guest, who is a former Lithuanian diplomat and currently the president of International Observatory of Religious Liberty of Refugees (ORLIR). She will analyze and talk about the reasons why these democratic countries refuse to grant CAG Christians refugee status, such as the fake news manufactured by the CCP, the refugee crisis in Europe, and economic pressure exerted by China. Please stay tuned!

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