Consequence of Deporting Chinese Christian Refugees in Europe: Torture! Blood!

April 10, 2018

In recent years, legions of war refugees have swarmed into Europe.And some states tightened up their policy on refugees successively.According to Nouvelles d'Europe, in July 2017, while announcing a refugee reception plan,the French Prime Minister Philippe emphasized that the asylum seekers whose applications are denied should be deported without exception.Among the refugees who are confronted with deportation,are Christians from China.They suffered arbitrary arrests and persecution at the hands of the CCP atheistic regime solely because they had attended gatherings and spread the gospel in Mainland China.They were subsequently turned homeless without a hideout in China,and had to risk their lives to flee to overseas democracies for asylum.However, most of The Church of Almighty God (CAG) Christians who fled to Europe have had their refugee status applications denied so far,and hundreds of these Christians are confronted with deportation.Very few people have the knowledge of what persecution these Christians had suffered in China,or how risky the situation will be once they are sent back to China,or what living conditions they are going through in host countries.Well, let’s approach these Christians together today.

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