German Human Rights Activist Appeals for Protection of Christians from CCP Tyranny

October 20, 2019

On October 1, 2019, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held a grand celebration to mark its 70th usurpation anniversary, while a national day protest march took place in Hong Kong. On the same day, the Society for Threatened Peoples (German: GfbV) in Germany organized a demonstration against the CCP’s tyranny in front of the Chinese Embassy in Berlin. The Christians of The Church of Almighty God (CAG) were invited. Hanno Schedler, a representative of GfbV, stated in an interview that the CCP has systematically persecuted its people for a long time since it came to power. It has slaughtered countless Chinese people and is still crazily suppressing Christians, Muslims and Tibetan Buddhists, especially targeting the CAG Christians. He reminded not to believe the lies that the CCP had fabricated to smear the CAG, and called on the German government to protect CAG Christians seeking asylum in Germany.

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