15 God Has Returned With Victory


Zion! Rejoice! Zion! Sing out!

God has returned in triumph, He has returned victorious!

All peoples! Hurry to line up in order!

All creation! Come now to a halt,

for God’s person faces the whole universe

and appears in the East of the world!

Who dares not to kneel down in worship?

Who dares not to call Him the true God?

Who dares not to look up with a heart of fear?

Who dares not to call Him the true God?

Who dares not to look up with a heart of fear?

Who dares not to give praise? Who dares not to rejoice?

God’s people will hear His voice!

God’s people will hear His voice!


Mountains, rivers, and all things will cheer unendingly,

and leap about without cease.

At this time, none will dare to fall back;

none will dare to rise up in resistance.

This is God’s wonderful deed,

and even more than that, it is His great power!

God will make everything have a heart of fear for Him

and, beyond even this, God will have everything praise Him!

This is the ultimate aim of God’s management plan of six thousand years,

and it is what God has ordained, it is what God has ordained.

Not one person nor object nor event

dares to rise up to resist or oppose God.


All God’s people will flow to His mountain

and they will submit before Him,

because God has majesty and judgment, and He carries authority.

Nothing will be difficult for Him.

By the words of God’s mouth, all shall be destroyed,

and by the words of His mouth,

all will come into being and be made complete.

Such is God’s great power and such is His authority.

Because God is full of power and replete with authority,

no person could dare obstruct Him.

God has triumphed over all.

He has already won victory over all of the sons of rebellion.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 120

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