28 God’s Sheep Hear His Voice


The days will come to an end;

all things in this world will come to nothing,

and all things will be born anew. Remember this! Don’t forget!

There can be no ambiguity!

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but God’s words shall remain!

God exhorts you once again: Do not run in vain!

Wake up! Repent, and salvation is at hand!

God has already appeared amongst you, and God’s voice has arisen.

God’s voice has arisen before you;

each day it confronts you, face-to-face, and each day it’s fresh and new.

You see God and God sees you;

God speaks to you constantly, and is face-to-face with you,

and is face-to-face with you.


Yet you reject Him and don’t know Him.

God’s sheep can hear His voice, and yet still you hesitate,

yet still you hesitate!

Your heart is waxed gross, your eyes have been blinded by Satan,

and you can’t see God’s glorious countenance—

how pitiful you are! How pitiful!

The seven Spirits before God’s throne have been sent to all corners of the earth

and God will send His Messenger to speak to the churches.

God is righteous and faithful;

He’s the God that scrutinizes the deepest parts of man’s heart.

The Holy Spirit speaks to the churches;

all those who have ears should listen!

All those who are living should accept!

Simply eat and drink His words, and don’t doubt.

All those who submit and heed His words will receive great blessings,

will receive great blessings!


All those who seek God’s face in earnest will surely have new light,

new enlightenment and insights;

all will be fresh and new.

God’s words will appear to you at any time,

and they will open the eyes of your spirit

so that you can see all the mysteries of the spiritual realm

and see that the kingdom is among man, the kingdom is among man.

Enter the refuge,

and all grace and blessings will be upon you;

famine and plague will not be able to touch you,

and wolves, serpents, tigers, and leopards will be unable to harm you.

You will go and walk with God, and enter glory with Him!

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 15

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